A Jump Start to the Day at Alta Lake

Some days not even a good hit of caffeine can get you going in the morning – you need a jump start and you’re definitely not alone. Here in Whistler, we know that starting the day with an activity that stimulates the senses can make all the difference. When it comes to activities at the lake, the early bird gets the worm and will most likely deliver calmer waters. You can find Whistler’s community of water babies at their favourite spot, somewhere on Alta Lake.

Whistler’s first resort community at Alta Lake become a reality in 1913 when Alex and Myrtle Philip purchased 10 acres of land in the area. Their dream to open a vacation hot spot was for those seeking a fishing experience in the Canadian Wilderness. Skiing was not in the cards back then. Historical plaques telling their story can be found in various locations along the Valley Trail.

The Valley Trail

Connecting Whistler Village to Alta Lake is a scenic paved trail, simply known as the Valley Trail. This double-laned path is the easiest way for visitors to get around and the most cost-effective way to travel. NOTE: Whistler recently introduced pay parking for the summer at the local lakeside parks including Rainbow, Lakeside, Alpha Lake, Wayside Park and on Alta Lake Road next to the Rainbow Park entrance.

Lakeside Park

Located in the community of Alta Vista, this sandy beach offers beachgoers the longest sunbathing hours. Activity provider Backroads Whistler fulfills all your needs for water toys. This includes canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals. Looking for a quintessentially Whistler experience? Backroads provide a paddle tour down the River of Golden Dreams.

Wayside Park

Located north of Whistler’s Creekside (just north of Lakeside Park) you’ll find the tranquil grassy beach of Wayside Park, home of Whistler Eco-Tours. This Park is nestled on the calmer portion of the lake. Both parks offer picnic tables and public washrooms as well as a snack shack.

Rainbow Park

Whistler’s gem of early morning Instagram photos, Rainbow Park welcomes the sunrise from behind the snow caps of Wedge Mountain and a spectacular view of the ski runs on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain. Popular for picnicking, swimming and dog walking, this park offers top-notch beach volleyball courts and a historical walk featuring the Rainbow Lodge built by Whistler pioneer Myrtle Philip. As we all know, summer is renowned for the season of construction, and this year Alta Lake Road will only be accessible from the north entrance located in Alpine. For sun-seekers not able to hike or bike, a FREE shuttle bus will be available for transportation. More information regarding times and pickup locations.

Whistler Sailing Association

Grab your sailors cap and set sail on your dinghy voyage at Whistler’s fully accredited sailing school offering “Learn to Sail” courses and clinics for all ages and abilities.

The Point-Artist Run Centre

Connected to the Whistler Sailing Association is Whistler’s Artist-Run Centre. If music and beautiful mountain views are a requirement in your lakeside experience, check out Sundays at the Point. From 3 – 6 PM on Sundays during the summer guest can purchase tickets for $15 and enjoy top musical acts from the Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver while enjoying a drink from a licensed bar for an additional cost.

Blueberry Docks

Located in the Blueberry Forrest off St. Anton Way visitors can walk, hike or bike (no parking available) to enjoy the hiking trail, docks, and remember your camera to catch an Instagram moment of a swinging view.