Best Waterfalls Near Whistler

We might be biased, but some of the best waterfalls in the world just happen to be near Whistler. Whistler’s lush, temperate rainforest setting lends itself to some of the most stunning, cascading displays of water that will leave you wide-eyed and in awe. While there are many to mention off the beaten path, we have collected some of the most accessible waterfalls for those with families or who have accessibility considerations. Some of the best waterfalls are only a short drive from Whistler, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them like us!

Alexander Falls

One of the most stunning waterfalls near Whistler is Alexander Falls, located in the Callahan Valley region where the Nordic Events for the 2010 Olympics took place. This is one of our favourite waterfalls for those with families or accessibility considerations, as the waterfall is easily accessible by car and just a short drive south from Whistler. The viewing platform is directly next to the parking lot, so no hiking is required! Pull up, grab a spot, and enjoy the cascading beauty of Alexander Falls.

Brandywine Falls

A bit further south of Alexandar Falls roars the 70-metre-high Brandywine Falls. This is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the area due to the incredible, free-falling water pouring into the rocky gorge. Accessing the viewing platform requires a 15-minute walk along a wide, flat trail from the parking area. From the viewing platform, you’ll be able to take in the magnitude of the waterfall from a wonderful vantage point and be blown away by the beauty and power of nature.

Shannon Falls

One of our favourite waterfalls near Whistler resides in our neighbouring community of Squamish. Shannon Falls is a spectacular 335-metre waterfall composed of a series of cliffs, making it the third largest waterfall in British Columbia. Shannon Falls originates from a hanging valley carved out via a glacier in the Ice Age. This is truly an incredible sight for all to see and is easily accessible from the parking lot at Shannon Falls Provincial Park. It’s about a 5 – 10 minute walk along a paved trail to the viewing platform. If you want even better views, take the short hike up a gravel trail with stairs to access a higher vantage point.

Narin Falls

Just a 20-minute drive north of Whistler lies the visually stunning, Narin Falls. This 60-metre-high waterfall has carved through the surrounding rock in a unique way, making it one of the most interesting waterfalls near Whistler. There’s a secure platform opposite the waterfall, allowing you to walk around and see the intricacies of the rushing water through the gorge. To access this breathtaking beauty, you’ll have to do a relatively flat, but somewhat rocky 1.5k hike, making it slightly less accessible than the previously mentioned waterfalls. Make sure you take some water and a snack, as well as your camera!

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