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All About The Bonus Program

Your HOA has designed the Bonus Program especially for you!

One of the perks of being an owner at Whiski Jack Resorts is the benefit of staying at any one of our 10 properties for a very reduced rate. The goal of this program is to provide great deals to our owners when there are an abundance of rooms available. There are two components to the program, Bonus Time and Bonus Weeks. Here are some tips to keep you informed about how the program works, and how to best make use of it.

Bonus Time: Short stay rentals that must be booked within 72 hours of arrival.

Bonus Weeks:  Full weeks based on maintenance fee rates. No restriction on booking window.

The Program for Bonus Time works like this…

Call the Welcome Centre within 72 hours before the date you’d like to arrive (if you’re looking for a weekend stay that starts on a Friday, you’ll have to call Tuesday morning). Our Welcome Centre team will help find you the best unit for your needs. Payment is taken at time of booking and is non-refundable. The current cost is $75 per night, plus a one-time cleaning fee (fee varies based on the size of the unit booked) and GST. The stays can be 2 or 3 nights and are based on a first come, first-served basis. If you’d like to extend your stay while you are here, you can call our office to see if it is available for an extra night.

MYTH: Whiski Jack Resorts controls the rooms provided. 

FACT: Although Whiski Jack manages the bookings, the Bonus Program was designed by your HOA to use only HOA owned and delinquent rooms that would otherwise sit empty. Rooms that have been submitted by owners into the  Rental Program are not included in the Bonus Program. So, if you’re searching online and see a room available, you may not be able to book it through the bonus program, and this is likely the reason.

Over the past few years, you may have noticed that Bonus Time is not as available as it has been in the past. When Whiski Jack became self-managed in June 2016, your HOA recognized that they could recover some costs by ensuring that rentals were properly managed. Previous management companies did not manage rentals as efficiently, leaving HOA rooms empty and which increased overall costs to owners. Although this resulted in more year-round availability for Bonus Time, it resulted in poor management on behalf of your HOA.

The Program for Bonus Weeks works like this…

Your HOA provides Bonus Weeks to owners to help cover the costs of units that may otherwise be empty. The sale of Bonus Weeks helps your reduce the HOA costs, thus helping to keep your maintenance fees down. Visit the Bonus Program page to view which weeks are available (prices are also listed and include cleaning fees but not GST). This list is updated regularly, but you’ll still need to check with the Welcome Centre to confirm  it. A limit of 3 weeks per owner can be secured per calendar year. Your HOA will provide Bonus Weeks often at the same rate as the maintenance fees, simply to cover the costs. The rates may be higher during peak periods and lower during shoulder seasons. Some HOAs do not offer Bonus Weeks during peak periods and prefer to use the rental earnings to reduce overall HOA costs.

The Bonus Weeks list is initially distributed in early January each year. This is the best time to secure your holidays for the year. High demand weeks go very quickly. Whiski Jack will email all owners on behalf of the HOAs when the list is released.

Other Owner Perks

If you are unable to find availability for the dates you are looking for within the Bonus Program, you are offered a discount of 25% off the standard rate of any available rooms. Owners never pay for parking, so this is an additional perk that you receive over regular rental bookings.

To book the Bonus Program, please call 1-844-957-6967 during regular office hours. For more information, visit the Bonus Program page.

NOTE: Owners must be sure that their maintenance fees are paid in full in order to participate in the Bonus Program. Bonus Program is for owner use only. Owners may not rent bonus weeks on their own and if are discovered, will be penalized. Christmas Holidays are not available for Bonus Program.

If you have any questions about the Bonus Program, please feel free to ask at the Welcome Centre. They can also put you in touch with your HOA president.