Bonus Program

What is the Whiski Jack Bonus Program?

Ownership with Whiski Jack Resorts offers certain privileges that are not found with other property managers, including access to the Bonus Program. The program was designed by your HOA to offer deeply discounted stays at rates that are only accessible by owners. Owners who want to visit Whistler more often or try different property locations can do so outside of their regular ownership. 

Please note that availability has become more and more limited with the reduction of available rooms and of delinquent owners. Whiski Jack now manages 7 properties instead of 13. 

Bonus Weeks

Bonus Weeks offer the best value to owners, without the commitment of annual dues. Rates are intended to cover the Maintenance Fee (or the majority of) and are more often shoulder season weeks, not prime season winter weeks. These rates are set and approved by the HOA, not by WJR.

If you’re interested in Summer Weeks, request Whiski Jack condos in Creekside. 

Bonus Time

Bonus Time is the last-minute booking option open to all Whiski Jack Owners and their immediate family members. Bookings must be made inside of 72 hours before the intended stay. The rate per night is $75 for a minimum of 2 nights. For example, you may book on Tuesday for a Friday night stay. Depending on availability, you may extend your stay up to 3 more days for a total of 5 days. The entire stay must be in the same unit.

NOTE: Whiski Jack now has fewer units available due to sales of HOA owned weeks and fewer HOAs in the Whiski Jack family. 2023 has seen very high demand from rentals in the prime season and scheduling last minute unit cleans is challenging. As a result Bonus Time on weekends is very limited. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Owner Discount Offer

For owners who can’t find Bonus Weeks or Bonus Time that suit the needs of their group or family, you also have access to an additional 10% off our public promotions! Please book online first, then put a note in the booking with your OWNER ID, then we will reduce the rate another 10%.

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Owners are not required to pay a resort fee for rental bookings, therefore will always have access to the best possible rates (except for the Aspens). Minimum length of stay and blackout dates apply. Regular cancellation policies apply: found here.

How to Book

Bonus Weeks: Determine the approximate dates when you would like to travel arriving on either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Consider the size of your group and where you prefer to stay. Have a back-up plan in case there is nothing available at your preferred property or for the dates you want to travel. Complete the online request form found here

Bonus Time: Call our office within office hours to book. From 8am, 72 hours before the intended stay.

Call to book during regular office hours.

Terms and Conditions

  • To access the Bonus Program rates, Owners must have their account up to date and all Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments paid.
  • Owners who book Bonus Weeks must also occupy the unit – the person checking in must be the owner on title. You may book for another member of your family if they are staying in the same week. No Exceptions.
  • Bonus week stays are all full 7-night stays for owners and are based on availability for the calendar year. 
  • Owners can book up to three Bonus Weeks per year, per owner (not per unit owned).
  • Owners can book as many Bonus Time stays as they like.
  • WJR reserves the right to move Bonus guests to a similar or upgraded unit, if required, due to maintenance or over-booking.
  • WJR (on behalf of your HOA) reserves the right to terminate or amend promotional details without prior notice.
  • Owner rental weeks are not available for Bonus Program bookings. HOA and delinquent weeks are only available for this program.

Fees, Taxes and Terms

  • Full payment is due at time of booking and is non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  • Housekeeping charges are included for Bonus Weeks only, Bonus Time is subject to a one-time clean fee, based on the size of the unit. 
  • Units with private hot tubs are subject to a $50 clean fee per stay, plus 5%GST.
  • Nightly Resort Fees of $15+tax apply to all stays at the Aspens including Bonus Program bookings. 
  • All Bonus Program bookings and fees are subject to 5% GST.