What can I do if I want to sell my week?

Neither Whiski Jack Resorts nor your Homeowners Association (HOA) have an active sales department, so the sale of your week is your responsibility. We know this can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with some information to help you. Here are a few Vacation Ownership resale sites some of our owners have used:

  • eBay and Craigslist are low-cost options
  • SellMyTimeShareNow.com provides a resale service for a fee
  • Redweek.com
  • tugbbs.com is a website devoted to Vacation Ownership owners. They have an area called ‘Marketplace’ where you can list your unit for sale
  • Find a reliable local realtor to help you with your sale, while getting the most value


Beware of many scam outfits which promise to “rid you of the burden of your Vacation Ownership”. Most of these places charge an exorbitant fee, without completing the transfer of title correctly, or will transfer the title to a “junk” company name rather than an actual buyer, and abandon their responsibilities for that unit. This means you are out of pocket, and still continue to be responsible for the unit. These scams can cause numerous legal issues and should be avoided.

Can I deed-back my week to my HOA?

Some owners, faced with financial difficulties and not finding one of the other options viable, ask their Homeowners Association to take back their deed and release them from the obligations of their annual Maintenance Fees. Deed-backs to your HOA are not very common, especially for shoulder season weeks, as these are the most common requests. For information about deeding back your week, please contact our office.

Regardless what option you decide to go with, you are still responsible for all obligations regarding your unit until the name is removed from the registered sub-lease with BC Land Title. Please make sure you communicate with your HOA President if you are deciding to sell or deed back your week.