Online Check-In

What is Pre-Arrival/Online Check-in?

Using secure technology from DocuSign, we capture your digital signature and credit card information well ahead of your stay. Once the pre-arrival check-in is completed, access to the unit door code (or lock box to access a key fob, keys and/or swipe card) is emailed to you within a few days of arrival. 

What is DocuSign?

You may have already used this software to sign legal documents. DocuSign is a reputable and secure software. Refer to their website to learn more about their commitment to protecting your information. For more information about our privacy policies, please refer to our website.

1) Damage Deposit You must provide a credit card used to put a hold of up to $500 on your card within a few days of your arrival, released the day of check-out.

2) Parking Provide your vehicle information and we will provide a parking pass. Follow parking directions closely on your property information as there are specific directions for each property. 

3) Terms You must agree to the booking terms and conditions outlined here.

Online Check In

A digital signature indicates that you agree to our terms and conditions and is required to complete this process. The check-in documents include information about your unit, directions, parking instruction and more. Once you’ve completed the check-in, you can access the documents whenever you’d like.

Yes, this works for me. What happens next?

Please let us know if you are a guest or an owner then select the property where you are staying. The sooner you submit the information, the smoother the check-in will be for you. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not know the name of the property where you are staying, please email us at or call 1-844-957-6967

We will email you a unique “PreCheck” link to your online check-in within a few days of your arrival. If you have not yet received this, please contact us

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*Please note, We no longer use DocuSign for our pre-arrival online check-in. 

I agree to allow DocuSign to collect information for me on behalf of Whiski Jack Resorts.

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