How to be an EcoCitizen in Whistler

Whistler draws people from all over the world for its natural beauty, epic landscape, and pristine wilderness. Not to mention, world-class sports that go along with the terrain! We love our home, and we hope you do as well, so we think it’s important to share information about how to be an EcoCitizen in Whistler. Taking small steps, collectively, will help ensure these mountains will remain a haven for generations to come. We’ve gathered tips from an incredible local resource, AWARE, to share some of the best ways to keep Whistler wild and beautiful.

Green Gas Reduction

It’s the little things added up that create big change! While these are useful tips for most anywhere you visit or live, Whistler has the infrastructure that makes green gas reduction not only fun, but it’s likely how you’ll want to enjoy Whistler regardless!

  1. Transit System – Did you know Whistler has an incredible bus service? Taking the bus is a great way to feel connected to the community and save money while you’re at it! Some core village areas are serviced by free buses and there are buses that connect neighbourhoods throughout the valley. Head to the municipality’s website for more information on Whistler’s bus service.
  2. Valley Trail – Whistler has over 40 kilometres of a paved Valley Trail! It takes you past lakes, through forests, into parks, and connects neighbourhoods. It’s easy to get around Whistler on foot or by bike, and in winter, you can even ski some sections!

Backcountry Etiquette

The backcountry of Whistler is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. To keep it pristine and wild for years to come, we have a few tips that will help maintain the serene and delicate landscape. hiking in whistler alpine mountain

  1. Stick to the Trails – Whether you love hiking, biking or running, sticking to the trails and giving wildlife a wide berth is key. This helps protect the sensitive alpine vegetation, vital to the health of the ecosystem, as well as keeping you safe!
  2. Leave No Trace – One of the best and easiest ways to keep Whistler pristine is to leave no trace. Leaving the area exactly as you find it will help everyone enjoy the same beauty you see for years to come. You can take simple steps like avoiding dropping litter, picking wildflowers, moving or stacking rocks, wandering off designated trails and packing out what you pack in.

Keep Bears Wild & Safe

Bears are part of Whistler’s natural ecosystem, and we are fortunate to share the landscape with them! These beautiful and powerful animals roam throughout the valley, forests and alpine terrain. While we love seeing them (from a distance!), there are ways to ensure they stay wild, as well as keep you safe.

  1. Bears, Garbage, & BBQs – In order to keep bears wild, it’s important that humans don’t provide them with easy access to food or the scent of food! A great way to keep them out of neighbourhoods and in their natural habitat is to make sure you clean & burn off your BBQ, as well as keep any garbage or recyclables stored inside your accommodation.
  2. Bears in the Fall – During the Fall season, bears go into hyperphagia where they attempt to pack on as much fat as possible to see them through their long winter sleep. This makes the Fall a notable time for residents and visitors to Whistler, as it’s especially important not to leave food or garbage outside or in your vehicle.

How Whiski Jack is an EcoCitizen

      • We provide compost, recycling as well as garbage disposal at all of our properties
      • Food waste policy in place that includes education, food waste prevention, reduction, recycling, and disposal
      • We provide direct check-in at the property reducing paper waste (plus removing the extra stop into our office on the way to your property)
      • We do not provide single-use items in our properties
      • Our lighting is being switched to energy-efficient LED bulbs
      • Free bicycle parking
      • We work with and promote locally owned businesses as often as possible
      • We remind guests to be mindful of wildlife and not to keep garbage and recycling outdoors
      • Many properties offer common outdoor spaces to enjoy nature, with almost 100% offering a patio


If you want more information on how to be an EcoCitizen in Whistler, we highly recommend watching this video by AWARE Whistler. If you’re looking to vacation in Whistler this Fall, find out how you can save up to 35% off your stay with us!