Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance Fees

The best way is to pay online by credit card. To pay by cheque, find the USD to CAD exchange rate. As the exchange rate varies daily, we recommend that you round up by at least $50.

No, our Welcome Centre staff can process your Maintenance Fees as far in advance as you’d like.

Using Your Week

Whiski Jack Resorts handles all check-ins online so you bypass the check-in at the front desk and go directly to your unit. Once your booking is confirmed, we will email you check-in instructions within a week of your arrival. 

To be eligible, all financials must be up to date and maintenance dues paid in full. As always, the Whiski Jack services will be available during your stay. The owner using the unit must be the owner checking in, as indicated on the forms. 

  • Give your week to a friend or family member. We simply require the name of your guest who will be using your week.
  • Exchange your week with an Exchange company.
  • Rent your week using the Owner Rental Program.

Whiski Jack Resorts does not have an active sales department, although some HOA’s do. Otherwise, the sale of your week is your responsibility. We know this can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with some information to help you. Here are a few Vacation Ownership resale sites some of our owners use:

    • Speak to a local real estate agent.
    • eBay and Craigslist are low-cost options.
    • provides a resale service for a fee.
    • is a website devoted to Vacation Ownership owners. They have an area called ‘Marketplace’ where you can list your unit for sale.


Beware of many scam outfits which promise to “rid you of the burden of your Vacation Ownership”. Most of these places charge an exorbitant fee, without completing the transfer of title correctly, or will transfer the title to a “junk” company name rather than an actual buyer, and abandon their responsibilities for that unit. This means you are out of pocket, and still continue to be responsible for the unit. These scams can cause numerous legal issues and should be avoided.

Learn more in our blog:

Some owners, faced with financial difficulties and not finding one of the other options viable, ask their Homeowners Association to take back their deed and release them from the obligations of their annual Maintenance Fees. Deed-backs to your HOA are not very common, especially for shoulder season weeks, as these are the most common requests. For information about deeding back your week, please contact our office.

Regardless what option you decide to go with, you are still responsible for all obligations regarding your unit until the name is removed from the registered sub-lease with BC Land Title. Please make sure you communicate with your HOA if you are deciding to sell or deed back your week.

Exchanging Weeks

Once your Maintenance Fees have been paid and your week has been booked for the year, you will need to call your preferred exchange company directly to deposit your week.

Please read this short blog with some information about exchanges:

Raintree Vacation Club no longer manages Whiski Jack. Therefore, you cannot bank directly, you must reach out directly to Raintree or another exchange company.

Whiski Jack Resorts is not affiliated with any exchange companies. Some common ones many owners use are: Raintree, RCI, DAE and Trading Places.

Renting Your Week

Our rental program takes the work out of renting your week if you decide you cannot use it yourself. Visit to find out more about the program and to submit your week. For your convenience, Whiski Jack Resorts can put the revenue earned towards the next years Maintenance Fees. Please review the Terms and Conditions before submitting the form. 

Whiski Jack Resorts (Whistler) Ltd is obligated to withhold 25% of non-Canadian residents’ gross rental income, and remit this amount to the Canada Revenue Agency.  By March 31st each year, we provide non resident owners that earned rental income in the prior year, an NR4 slip which reports their gross rental income, and the total amount of tax withheld.  Please ensure that your mailing address is correct so that we are able to get the NR4 tax form to you. Owners can then either hire a Canadian Tax preparer or file themselves. The details of how to file can be found on the Canadian Revenue Agency website. Whiski Jack Resorts does not act as agent to owners in this capacity and takes no responsibility for this filing.

An owners’ experience of Filing Non-Resident Withholding Tax. Please read about her experience! 

Owner Account Options

For first time log in, follow this link, use your owner ID as the username and your owner ID followed by the last three letters of your last name for the password. If you have logged in before and forgot your password, click on “forgot password” and you will receive a new password to your email address.

Once you log into your owner account, access the documents tab. This is where owners can access meeting minutes, reports, documents and policies specific to your HOA.  Here owners can also pay (and pre-pay) their maintenance fees and special assessment fees, view their contracts and view and change their contact information. 


Please call our Welcome Centre. You may book up to 2 years in advance. Review the calendar here

The fixed week calendar for Whiski Jack from 2023 to 2030 is found here.