Owner Perks & Programs

We believe that ownership with Whiski Jack Resorts is superior to that of other management companies. Only our owners benefit from a dedicated in-resort management team and staff, access to more stays at incomparable rates through the Bonus Program, as well as a reliable Rental Program providing more revenue to owners who aren’t able to use their weeks. This has been a part of Whiski Jack since we became self-managed in 2016. Whiski Jack’s values remain strong and tied to our owners, our most valuable stakeholders.

In addition to these programs, Whiski Jack emphasizes transparency through regular newsletters. To help reduce costs, we leverage technology via in-stay and post-stay reviews, provide online check-in, ensure all documents are shared on the Owner Account via a secure login and streamline internal processes to reduce costly administrative tasks.

You asked, and we listened. So here are some of the top questions/explanations of what has changed with Whiski Jack. We are always keen to answer questions, so if you can’t find the answers in our newsletters and website, reach out to us here.

Bonus Program

What’s changed with the Bonus Program?

Over the past few years you may have noticed that there is not as much available as there was in the past. Although your holiday plans may be affected, please know that it is the result of much hard work by your HOA. There are a few factors that have affected availability in the past 5 years. Three HOAs have left the Whiski Jack group of properties, with many of these units now sold. Some HOAs have created their own sales programs, selling prime weeks or, in some cases, selling full units to reduce debt and/or complete much needed renovations. These past few years have also seen increased demand and revenue from rentals for your HOA. Fewer available weeks and greater owner occupancy means less availability in the Bonus Program.

Maintenance fees and clean fees have increased, however, the nightly rate for Bonus Time has not changed in over a decade.

For more information about the Bonus Program, please visit our website, review this blog or contact us.

How does Bonus Program work?

One of the things that makes ownership with Whiski Jack special is the Bonus Program. This unique offer, available only to owners, covers the cost of cleaning and maintaining the unit, you will never find a lower price with Whiski Jack. Owners may choose any property managed by Whiski Jack. All owners can purchase up to 3 weeks per year for their personal use, but unlimited Bonus Time.

Where do these available weeks come from? Bonus Program is only available on units deeded back to the HOA or on delinquent rooms. In prime seasons, your HOA often holds back the remaining weeks for high yielding rental bookings. The revenue from these weeks keeps your maintenance fees low.

In the past, a list of available Bonus Weeks was uploaded on our website. Whiski Jack changed that process and now owners must complete an online form to request weeks on a first come, first served basis.

Rental Program

The State of the Rental Market

If there’s one thing COVID has taught us, it’s that people love to travel. So when (many) owners weren’t able to use their weeks, local BC/Canada guests came instead. And when restrictions lifted, those eager travellers from the US and beyond filled our resort breaking revenue and occupancy records with Whiski Jack and the entire accommodation sector in Whistler. High demand led to higher than average rates, providing greater revenue for owner rentals and HOA rentals, especially from December until April (Easter Holiday fell mid-month this year). For the past few years, this demand extended beyond peak seasons, breaking records for every season.

Whiski Jack leverages powerful tools to ensure your week is rented at the highest possible rates. Remember, it doesn’t matter if all days are rented, but more importantly, that your week is available to rent for as long as possible to get most revenue for the whole week. We use a range of channels including our own direct booking channel, VRBO and Airbnb to capture the right guests at the lowest possible commission to the channels (Direct bookings have no additional commission, Airbnb’s commission is just 3%). When is the best time to put your week into the program to ensure maximum revenue? The best answer is 3 months ago, and the second best answer is right now. 

For more information and to fill out the submission form, please visit the Rental Program page here.

Sales Programs

If you want to sell your week, there are a few ways to accomplish this. You can request a deedback by contacting the HOA or you can use the sales program that is set up and managed by the HOA.


So contact us and we will provide the email address for your HOA to see if it’s possible. If it is not possible, contact us anyhow, and we will put you in contact with a local realtor specializing in this type of sale. Like your home, you can sell it any way you’d like but please contact us for the contact info for the notary we use. But we caution you, there are plenty of scams out there who will take your money without actually selling your week, leaving you with the responsibility of the week. Timeshare exit companies are everywhere and recent media is (hopefully) making owners more aware of these scams.

The Whiski Jack properties have seen many upgrades in recent years, with new kitchens and bathrooms, flooring and furniture and so much more. Come and take a look at the hard work your HOAs have put into modernizing and upgrading our properties! We look forward to seeing you again soon.