Rental Program

Whiski Jack Resorts Rental Program

This program is designed for you to help offset the cost of your maintenance fees, and not intended to generate a lot of revenue. Our rental team are dedicated to ensuring that your entire week is rented at the best possible rates. We work directly with your HOA presidents to ensure that this program is working the way that it is intended. 

You can choose to have your week auto-submitted each year. You can also apply to have your revenue put towards your maintenance fees for the following year (2022).

Submit Your Week to the Rental Program

Give your week a good chance to get rented – submit your week at least two months before arrival. Applications should be submitted at least 45 days prior to start of week(s). Individual consideration may be made for those weeks that are in high demand. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation that your form was sent. Please review the terms and conditions for the Rental Program.


Payment & Guarantee

For those weeks that generate rental income, we will process payment within 60 days of the close of the month in which the rental occurred. We do not charge a listing fee to enroll your week. We only collect our fee if your week is rented. 

Please note that there are no guarantees that your week will be rented. If you week does not have a rental assigned to it, you may pull it from the program with no penalty at any time. If there are days that have not been rented, you may use the remaining days by contacting the rental department within 7 days of the start of your week. 

Some WJR owners use Craigslist and AirBNB to market their week on their own outside of the Whiski Jack Rental Program. The Resort Municipality of Whistler requires all owner condo rentals to have a valid business license.  Enforcement and regulation have been put in place to ensure that illegal rentals are not taking place in areas that are not zoned for nightly rentals. All Whiski Jack properties are zoned for nightly rentals (with the exception of Whiski Jack Creekside). However individual owners marketing and renting their weeks using online booking websites may be targeted by the local bylaw and fined up to $1000 per day that your week is rented without a license. Whiski Jack Resorts does not assume any responsibility or liability for any fines incurred by you.

You can find more about RMOW Illegal Rentals here.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rental Program

  • WJR will not accept partial weeks, only full 7-day weeks into the rental program.
  •  WJR retains the right to establish rates and conditions. WJR’s decision(s) regarding the program shall be final and in its sole discretion. WJR makes no representations, promises, or guarantees regarding the placement of your vacation week(s) or the amount of your rental proceeds.
  • As each unit is unique, it is the guest who will choose the unit that they wish to stay in, not WJR.
  • WJR will market your week(s) through various NIGHTLY rental channels online. The rates will be in-line with the prevailing economic conditions in the travel industry for the resort. Assignments can be anywhere from 1 to 7 nights, depending on the demand and availability.

We will allow owners to take back a part of their week within 72 hours of the first day. Please contact our office and we will removed the unused portion and make a booking for you (removing it from the program). You will be required to pay the cost of an additional cleaning fee which will be deducted from your rental proceeds. 

The bookings are processed at the end of the month that the week is in. If you have asked to have the earnings applied to your account, the you can expect an email from us with the statement of your earnings. If you have asked to have the proceeds sent by cheque, you can expect to receive this including your statement no later than 60 days from the end of the month that your week was in. For example, if you have week 52 and some of the says fall in January, you can expect notice of your earnings will have been received by you no later than the last day in March of that year. 

  • WJR 20% commission of the collected + 5% fee to cover banking and merchant costs.
  • Housekeeping fees will apply for every additional booking above the first booking.
  • For all non-Canadian residents, WJR will be required, per Canadian law to withhold 25% of your rental proceeds which must be submitted to the proper Canadian taxing authorities.
  • Commission from Travel Agent can be between none and 18%.