Three Things You Can Do to Get Ready for a Whistler Holiday

Now that you’ve convinced your crew to visit Whistler for a well-needed getaway, you’ll naturally be the designated planner of the group! But don’t fret – we’ve set up several ways to help our guests and owners get the maximum enjoyment out of Whistler and experience it like a local.

Have you ever been invited to a new place by friends who then became your tour guide? Welcome to the life of a long-time Whistler local! We LOVE this place, and we know all the ways to make your trip a special one. There’s a LOT of information out there about Whistler, so here are some resources that will truly help you plan.

Download the Whiski Jack App

This little gem was created exactly for the purpose of planning! It works for when you are planning, as well as when you arrive in Whistler and need help getting around. Of course, it has a property guide to familiarize you with our six property locations. It also has a Whistler Guide that includes a fantastic current Dining Guide (it’s not that easy to find up-to-date information), activities, spas, arts & culture and more (a lot more). It also has a “What’s Happening” tab you are going to love. You can track the weather, road conditions, and so so much more.
Download it here!

Become a Whistler Insider

We call our newsletter the INSIDER because it’s carefully curated content from a Whistler local – a real insider. The newsletter shares current accommodation deals, our blogs, and more in-depth information about our properties. Everyone who signs up for this monthly email has access to another 10% off future stays.
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Read the Whistler Life Blog

A few times a month we take the time to share what we think you’d like to read about. Like how to enjoy Whistler with young kids, or our top three favourite restaurants. We’ve been writing these blogs for years, so there’s a lot of great stuff in there for everyone to enjoy, all year long. Take a look here.

If you have any specific questions, you can always reach us by email or just pick up the phone. We’d love to hear from you., or 1-844-957-6967.