Tips For Skiing With Kids

Winter season is fast approaching and that means it’s almost time for skiing! Whistler is the ultimate ski destination and offers something for everyone.

Skiing is the perfect family activity and luckily Whistler Blackcomb has a wide variety of ski runs at varying difficulty levels. Skiing with kids can be so much fun, but it can also but a bit of a process. In order to make your Whistler ski vacation memorable and hassle-free, follow these tips for skiing with kids:

Dress them Appropriately

Ensuring your child is dressed appropriately for skiing will make their day and your day more enjoyable. Uncomfortable children can become fussy often leading to unideal scenarios. Winter in Whistler can be cold and sometimes wet so waterproof outerwear and a good layering system are key for a comfortable ski day.

Also ensuring that their ski gear is sized properly will make it much easier and be safer for them to get down the slopes.

Choose the Right Ski Runs

Your child will most likely be at a different level than you and the stronger skiers in your group so it is essential to choose the right ski runs for their ability. Whistler Blackcomb offers many green and blue easy runs which will allow them to make their way confidently and safely.

Enroll them in Ski Lessons

You may feel like an expert skier and wish to share your wisdom with your little ones, but sometimes it’s better to just let someone else show them the ropes. Confident skiers can often overlook small tips and tricks that could make learning how to ski easier. Ski instructors are specifically trained to make the learning process as easy as possible. When enrolling your child in ski lessons, be honest with their ability level and consider whether they would be more comfortable in a private or group lesson. Arrive to the lesson early and give lots of encouragement before you part ways. Then hit the slopes and enjoy your adult-only ski day!

Put these tips for skiing with kids in action and come to Whistler this winter for a fun family vacation!  Stay with us at Whiski Jack Resorts, your home away from home. Be sure to check out our great accommodation deals including our BC and WA residents rate.