What Is Tough Mudder?

June 15 & 16

You may have heard lots about Tough Mudder. But what actually is it? Here is our guide to this fun June event and how you can participate.

What is it?

This muddy event started in the USA in 2010 and has since become a global phenomenon.  Contestants overcome many muddy obstacles to complete the course. Though most people enter as a team, you can still enter on your own. Don’t worry, there are lots of people to help you with the obstacles.

What are the options?

You may be thinking the full event seems too much for you. For those looking for something a little less strenuous, the Tough Mudder 5k is an untimed race with just 13 obstacles. If you think you’ve got what it takes, Tough Mudder Classic has 25 obstacles and is 8-10 miles long! Contestants can conquer the mud-soaked mayhem and stretch their limits.


If you want to complete the course, you have to work as a team. Obstacles include:

“Mud Mile’ where you’ll have to splash across the 30-foot area, waist deep in mud. You’ll need your teammates to help you get over the 8 foot high slippery mounds.

“Carry a hero” where you need to carry your teammates over across the area.

“Leap of Faith,” – clear a 6-foot jump or end up in the water.

What to wear?

You might not want to wear your favourite t-shirt as you descend into muddy depths. Your best bet would be lightweight clothing that you don’t mind getting muddy. If you want your team to look the part, you can buy customized team t-shirts. Comfortable running shoes are also recommended. You can stop at one of the many hydration stations along the way, but carrying a hydration pack can help too.

How do you train?

If simply hitting the gym isn’t for you, the Tough Mudder Guided Work Out programs are a great way to make sure you’re on top form.

What do you get?

As well as the 8-10 mile course with 25 obstacles, you’ll also get a finisher headband and t-shirt. (You have to finish to get these – but we believe in you!) You’ll also get lots of pictures of you totally covered in mud – new profile picture alert.

How do you sign up?

If this has been enough to whet your appetite for a challenge, signing up has never been easier. Whiski Jack guests can benefit from 25% off when they book. Hurry, spaces are filling up fast! Call 1 844 957 7368 to book – don’t forget to mention you’re here for Tough Mudder!


UPDATE: As of 2022, Tough Mudder is no longer happening in Whistler. Check here for our favourite featured events.