Trail Riding in Whistler: 101

Mountain biking in Whistler is truly one of the most incredible experiences the stunning valley of Whistler has to offer. The vast trail system attracts riders from all over the world to experience the world-class singletrack. However, the expansiveness of the system can be overwhelming for a first-time Whistler mountain biker. We’re going to ease your mind and provide you with some of the best insider advice on how to make your first-time mountain biking in Whistler the best!

Beginner Mountain Bikers

To get your bearing on the bike, we highly recommend starting out at the Lost Lake Trail Network. You can begin your ride at the Passivhaus and shake off a day of travel on the double-track network of trails. These pea-gravel trails are ideal for beginners and will provide you with stunning views of the forest and sneak peeks of the expansive valley. Once you’ve warmed up, test out your technical skills on the Lost Lake Single Track, commonly known as the Zappa Trails. We recommend this loop, done in a clockwise direction. If you ever feel like the terrain is too much, you can easily duck out onto the gravel double-track trail! You’ll end your ride at Lost Lake where you can take a quick dip, cool off, and relax in the sun.

Intermediate Mountain Bikers

If you felt confident on the Lost Lake singletrack, pedal over to the Westside of Whistler to test out more advanced blue trails. You can either pedal from your accommodation, or park your car at Rainbow Park (Alta Lake) to access the trails. Note that there’s pay parking for $2/hr during the summer, or you can take a free shuttle from the village directly to the park! From the Rainbow Parking Lot, you can try out this blue loop, affectionately called the Dessert Platter. It’s a fun mixture of tech with a little bit of flow (for Whistler) and ends on Rainbow Falls Trail with stunning views of the river. This zone of trails on the Westside is ideal for intermediate riders to get a taste of the famous Whistler Tech!


When you pack for a trail ride in Whistler, always remember to pack with self-sufficiency in mind. While the trails are seemingly close to the village, once you get further away and deeper into the labyrinth of singletrack, you’ll want to be self-supported on your adventure. We recommend carrying:

    • Cell Phone or communication device (InReach if you are venturing into the Alpine)
    • Tools, spare tube, and pump or CO2
    • Trailforks App on your cell phone – You can download it here
    • Plenty of snacks and water – better to have than have not in this department!
    • A light jacket in case of a change in weather

Hire a Guide

If you’d rather have someone else show you the way, we highly recommend hiring a guide! Hiring a guide allows you to focus on your riding, as opposed to spending a huge chunk of time orienting yourself on the trails. A guide will show you the way, support in case of an emergency, and provide you with instructional tips to increase your skills. All in all, it’s the optimal way to experience Whistler single track for your first time! One of our favourite local guiding companies is Arbutus Routes in the Upper Village. If you’re staying in one of our properties in the Aspens, they’re just a short walk down the ski hill!


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