The Ultimate Guide to Blackcomb Ski Runs

The local debate is ongoing: Whistler or Blackcomb? While both mountains have plenty to boast about, we wanted to share with you our ultimate guide to Blackcomb Mountain ski runs. Affectionately coined as “The Darkside”, there’s plenty to brag about on Blackcomb, including unlimited sunshine on 7th Heaven. We’ve broken the mountain down into zones for you, and included our favourite runs for beginners, intermediates, and experts!

Mid Mountain/Excelerator

This zone is perfect for skiers of all abilities, particularly those who might not be ready to take their skis or boards to the top! You can access this zone from Whistler Village, via the Excalibur Gondola, or take Blackcomb Gondola to the top and ski down to the Excelerator lift.

        • Green Line (Beginner) – This is a great, cruisy run for beginners, and gives you the option to end your run at Excelerator or Blackcomb Gondola Mid Station.
        • Zig Zag (Intermediate) – Take a left off the lift and head over to Zig Zag for a fast, nicely pitched blue run! The name says it all.

7th Heaven

To access 7th Heaven, take the Blackcomb Gondola to the top, head right and make your way down the Express Way run. 7th Heaven is known for its limitless sunshine, epic powder, and stunning vistas of Whistler Mountain. This is an alpine lift that has a great option for beginner skiers! Here are our top runs for this zone:

        • Green Line (Beginner) – Perfect to take in the alpine views and enjoy a cruisy ride back to the top of Blackcomb Gondola.
        • Cloud Nine (Intermediate) – Fast, fun, intermediate run with stunning views all the way down. Just make sure to look where you’re going instead of the vistas!
        • Saudan Coulior (Advanced) – This run drops off the top of 7th and links you into Jersey Cream, but if you’re a competent double black skier, this is definitely one for your list!

Jersey Cream

The Jersey Cream lift is easily accessible from the top of Excelerator or ski down to it from the top of Blackcomb Gondola. Jersey Cream doesn’t particularly have a beginner run from top to bottom, so keep this in mind before hopping on the lift!

        • Wishbone (Intermediate) – This run is great for intermediates, and if you catch the first lift up on a powder day, can offer some of the best stashes of powder towards the end of the run!
        • Blowdown (Advanced) –  If you’re a competent tree skier, this run is for you. Weave in and out of trees and find powder sheltered amongst them! Just be wary of early-season conditions and stay clear of tree wells!


Glacier Chair is an alpine lift and isn’t suited for beginners. While there is a blue run that connects you to the green, Crystal Traverse, the top can be a bit difficult for beginners, particularly when visibility is low. We highly recommend being a more advanced skier before jumping on this lift!

        • Crystal Traverse to Blue Line (Intermediate) – This run takes you mostly underneath the lift and offers a fast and wide-open run!
        • Dave’s Day Off (Advanced) – This steeper black run will get the blood pumping! You can weave in and out of the trees on skier’s right, and link up with Glacier Drive to get you back to the base of Glacier Chair.


If you’re lucky enough to get to Crystal Chair for when it first cracks on a powder day, you’ll be rewarded with deep, sheltered powder! The Crystal Zone is definitely the locals’ favourite, and has plenty of options to keep you wanting to go back for more!

        • Crystal Road (Beginner) – While this won’t take you to the bottom of Crystal Chair, you can pop in the Crystal Hut for some famous waffles and cruise back to the back of Jersey Cream.
        • Ridge Runner (Intermediate) – This run is a series of wide-open rollers that are a thrill no matter what pace you’re riding. We can assure you, this run will leave a childlike grin on your face!
        • Outer Limits (Advanced) – This expert tree run is made up of steep sections linked by more mellow grades. If it’s too much, you can head skier’s left to Arthur’s Choice or Ridge Runner. Again, stay clear of tree wells!

Tips to Make Your Day Stress-free

  1. If you want to make the most of your laps & keep going, make sure you pack a small snack in your jacket. Mixed nuts, granola bars, or dried fruit are great for a quick burst of energy!
  2. For those who want a meal midday, don’t forget to book a reservation with any of the Whistler Blackcomb Lodges. You can learn more about how to make your reservation here. You can also take a quick rip down the mountain to eat in the Village and take the gondola back up to ski!
  3. For those extra cold days, stay warm by packing hand warmers. They even come in handy if you cool down easily and just need a quick jolt of warmth on the lift!


If you want more local’s tips, check out our blog, Best Ski Runs to Plan Your Day Around, and find out our favourites on Whistler Mountain as well. If you haven’t yet planned your vacation to Whistler, find out how to extend your stay and save money here. We can’t wait to host you in our beautiful mountain town!