Unlock the Secrets of Mountain Biking in Whistler, BC

With virtually endless options to explore, mountain biking in Whistler can feel a bit overwhelming for newcomers. 

We’ve asked our network of local Whistler mountain bikers to put together their list of favourite trails, ranging in difficulty level from beginner to expert, as well as a list of resources for rentals, lessons and tours to help you unlock the secrets of mountain biking in Whistler, BC this summer!


1. The Best Beginner Mountain Bike Trails in Whistler.

Whistler Valley Trail

Biking the Whistler Valley Trail
Photo courtesy of Let’s Go Biking

The Whistler Valley Trail is ideal for beginner bikers, offering a gentle and well-maintained paved pathway that meanders through stunning landscapes, parks, and lakes, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels. With its car-free environment, the trail allows beginners to explore at their own pace, soaking in the beauty of Whistler from Function Junction to Emerald.


Lost Lake Trails – Tin Pants

Mountain biking the Whistler Lost Lake Trails
Photo courtesy of Mountain Biking with Kids

Discover the Lost Lake Trails (Tin Pants) in Whistler, BC, a perfect trail for beginner mountain bikers seeking a fun and approachable experience. With its gentle terrain and well-marked paths, riders can navigate through the lush forest and enjoy the picturesque surroundings while building their confidence on a bike.


Cheakamus Trails – Farside

Mountain biking the Cheakamus trails in Whistler BC
Photo courtesy of Pinkbike

Another ideal trail for beginner mount bike riders in Whistler, the Cheakamus Trail Far Side offers moderate terrain and scenic views of the Cheakamus River and forests. This trail also features a handful of technical features to practice rolling over small rocks and roots and cross-country style elevation gain and descent — a relaxed and enjoyable ride for beginner mountain bike riders.




2. The Best Intermediate Mountain Bike Trails in Whistler.

Cheakamus Trails – High Side (into HiHi & Flashback 2)

High Side is a fun, flowy descent — a perfect trail for intermediate bikers. Its combination of technical sections, flowing descents, and scenic vistas offers a great balance of excitement and enjoyment for riders looking to advance their skills on the trails. Best followed up by HiHi & Flashback 2


Rainbow Falls Loop

Rainbow Falls loop bike trail map
Photo courtesy of FATMAP

Rainbow Falls Loop is another fun, flowy downhill with many hand-made burms and switchbacks. Be ready for a steep, challenging climb to the top that’s rewarded with a beautiful view of Rainbow Falls and the lush forests of the river valley. 


Chipmunk Rebellion (Upper & Lower)

Chipmunk Rebellion is an ideal choice for intermediate bikers seeking an exciting challenge. With a mix of flowy sections and technical features, this trail provides a great opportunity to hone skills and push limits while offering a ~2km descent.


3. The Best Expert Mountain Bike Trails in Whistler.

Cheakamus Trails – It’s Business Time (into AM PM)

Advanced mountain biking in Whistler
Photo courtesy of Tourism Whistler

It’s Business Time is an adrenaline-pumping ride designed for advanced bikers. With technical features, steep descents, and high-speed sections, this trail demands expert bike handling skills and a sense of adventure. Prepare for a heart-pounding experience as you navigate through rock gardens, drops, and berms, making it an absolute must-ride for advanced riders looking for an exhilarating mountain biking adventure in Whistler. Best followed up by AM PM



Howler (upper) Mountain Biking Trail in Whistler, BC

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure on Howler, a challenging trail located in Whistler North. With a demanding climb that rewards you with breathtaking views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, this trail is not for the faint-hearted. Be sure to pack enough water and fuel to keep you going as you tackle the steep sections and find your rhythm. The exhilarating descent, filled with loose rocks and a thrilling level of exposure, will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and pure joy.


Out There

Mountain biking in Whistler BC
Photo courtesy of Tourism Whistler

Out There is a thrilling and technical trail that offers a challenging experience for advanced riders. With its steep descents, rocky sections, and tight turns, this trail requires advanced skills and confidence on the bike. It provides an exhilarating ride that pushes the limits and rewards riders with an adrenaline-filled adventure in the stunning mountain terrain of Whistler.


*The extensive Whistler biking trail networks are only possible with the ongoing dedication and support of the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA).


4. The Best Biking Trails in Whistler Bike Park.

Whistler Bike Park
Photo courtesy of Tourism Whistler


If you are visiting Whistler for an extended period and want to get the most out of your downhill riding, the Whistler Bike Park is a must-do for all riders. Beginners can take advantage of the carefully crafted beginner trails, while expert riders can test their skills on challenging jumps, drops, and technical features. 

Beat the weekend crowds while you enjoy a mid-week stay – the world-class trails of the Whistler Bike Park is the best way to get the most out of your riding without having to navigate the local trail networks or expel energy on the peddling climb. 


Whistler Bike Park Must-Dos:



Mountain Bike Festival in Whistler – Crankworx World Series 2023

Crankworx World Series 2023 Whistler
Photo courtesy of Crankworx

For those who are curious or deeply passionate about the mountain biking industry, Crankworx is a must-attend event. With exhilarating competitions, displays of skill, and a vibrant festival atmosphere, Crankworx is the perfect opportunity to witness the world’s top riders in action and immerse yourself in the thrill of mountain biking while also enjoying live music, delicious food, and exciting activities that cater to everyone’s interests.


For more information, be sure to check out our 2023 Guide to Crankworx Whistler.


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