Why Early Season Skiing in Whistler is a Must!

As the crisp mountain air signals the return of winter in Whistler, the anticipation for snow season has likely been building since you hung up the skis earlier this year! Now, the moment has arrived to dive into the exciting world of Early Season Skiing in Whistler. From exclusive lift ticket rates to the world-renowned Whistler Film Festival, this blog is your guide to the thrill-packed adventure that awaits amidst the breathtaking slopes of Whistler. Get ready to embark on a winter escapade like never before.


The Long-Awaited Kick-Off

They say patience is a virtue, and the reward for your wait is Whistler’s hidden gem – Early Season Skiing. It’s the time when the mountains come alive with the excitement of getting back on your skis and snowboards. Mark your calendars! November 23 is Opening Day at Whistler Blackcomb, and you’re invited to inaugurate the season like a local.


Group of children walking through a trench of snow on top of a mountain


Savouring the Best Lift Ticket Rates

Before you take that exhilarating plunge down the slopes, here’s a savvy tip: secure the best lift ticket rates of the entire season by making your purchase online before arrival. It’s not just a smart move; it’s the key to unlocking budget-friendly access to Whistler’s pristine slopes. Who doesn’t appreciate a good deal, especially when it comes to enjoying the thrill of the mountains?


Whistler Blackcomb Lift Ticket Whiski Jack Resorts Whistler


Remember to purchase your lift tickets BEFORE arriving. It’s best to purchase them directly from the Whistler Blackcomb website.


Ski Like a Local – No Crowds, Pure Seasonal Thrills

Early Season Skiing bestows a unique privilege – conquering the mountains with fewer crowds. Although early season does mean that there is less terrain available than normal, it just feels so good to feel the snow under our feet and experience the fresh mountain air and views! It feels good to be back! Just think how many more runs you could get in when you spend less time waiting in the lift line!


Two people at the top of a snowy mountain wearing skis


Picture yourself gliding down the slopes, surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery, and sharing the stoke with friendly locals. It’s a seasonal experience that adds a personal touch to your winter escapade, making it all the more memorable.


Accommodation Deals You Can’t Resist

After a day of conquering the slopes, a cozy haven awaits you. Whiski Jack Resorts takes pride in offering irresistible accommodation deals for Early Season Skiing. Visiting during the early season means more options are available in your favourite locations. We’re here to help you choose the perfect retreat to unwind, ensuring you have a comfortable and unforgettable stay amidst the winter wonder.


Woodrun Lodge Whiski Jack Resorts Whistler


Our properties are well located in the most ideal locations. Choose from our central village properties Northstar, Village Gate House or Tyndall Stone Lodge – all equipped with storage for your ski gear and a free shuttle to get you steps from the lifts. Although early season means skiing to your condo is not likely, locations like Woodrun Lodge & The Aspens give you easy access to the 10-person Blackcomb Gondola that will whisk you right to the top in under 20 minutes. These lodges are minutes from the gondola and everything that Blackcomb Village provides. And, just steps from the Creekside Gondola, you’ll find our Lake Placid Lodge property.


Whistler Film Fest – A Winter Extravaganza

For those seeking more than just skiing, the Whistler Film Festival is back from Nov 29 – Dec 3. Featuring an array of feature and short films, as well as a line up of this season’s hottest events, your time in Whistler will be nothing short of a hit! Consider it your chance to immerse yourself in the magic of cinema against the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. It’s a cultural celebration that adds a touch of glamour to your winter retreat, elevating your seasonal experience.


Whistler Film Festival 2023


We give you the full run-down and more in our blog Ski, Watch, Repeat: A Cinematic Escape at the Whistler Film Festival 2023.


Caution: Early Season Conditions Ahead

As we dive into the thrill of Early Season Skiing, a word of caution: be prepared for the conditions. Stick to the designated runs, keep an eye out for sticks or rocks, and ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure on the slopes. It’s all part of the seasonal experience, enhancing the authenticity of your winter journey.


Sea to Sky Highway bus driving with snow edges


If you’re driving up from Vancouver, ensure your car is equipped with the right tires, and be sure to check the road conditions before you leave. The climate can vary significantly between Whistler and Vancouver, despite the short distance between the two.


Your Winter Adventure Awaits!

Early Season Skiing in Whistler is a tapestry of excitement, unbeatable deals, and the promise of unforgettable moments. The time has come to seize the opportunity and book your Early Season Skiing winter stay today.

You can save up to 20% off 4+ nights* stays, or up to 15% off 2-3 nights* stays with our Winter Lodging sale (t&c’s apply).