Whistler e-Biking, Sweat Not Included

Picture this:

you are pedaling up a hill, sweating more than you thought was possible as you slog up singletrack at a 40 degree angle in the summer heat. You know the good part (where you get to go downhill) is worth the hard work so you put your head down and grind for all you’re worth. Building character you repeat to yourself with each effortful revolution of the pedals. Then, a fellow cyclist zooms into your peripheral vision and – swiftly and smoothly with not a drop of sweat – breezes past as if they were on a cruiser in the city! You stop and scratch your head. Was it a motorcycle? Nope. Didn’t hear a motor. Could it have been a new superhuman cyborg bred specifically for careening up Whistler singletrack? Nope. It’s an e-bike! The newest incarnation of mountain biking is making a quiet revolution on the fringes. You’d better get on one. These eco-friendly marvels are about to take over the world.

What is an e-bike? Not to be confused with an electric motorcycle, the e-bike has an electric assist motor that leverages the power you put into it by cycling – thus creating the illusion that you are actually propelling that machine up a mountain with your sheer muscle power. The freedom of a bicycle with the convenience of a car; what better way to explore the beauty of Whistler? Given Whistler’s mountainous terrain, e-biking is a natural choice for cruising the valley’s many trails with speed and style.

Two e-bike rental options in Whistler give you a choice between exploring Whistler’s Valley Trail network, and getting off road on e-fat bikes at Whistler Olympic Park.

Oh The Places You Will Go!

Where can you go on an e-bike in Whistler? The answer is a lot farther than you would without the “e” in your bike.

WhistlerEBikes.com will set you up with a bike and map for a self-guided tour of Whistler’s 75 km Valley Trail network, linking up key destinations to the Village and Upper Village, Creekside, all three of Whistler’s World Class Golf Courses, the Sea Plane Harbor, fishing holes, lakes, parks, and alpine neighbourhoods. Pack a picnic and get moving. After 75 kilometres you won’t even break a sweat. Guided tours are also available.

For more of an adventure, head 26 kilometres south of town to the Whistler Olympic Park, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. E-biking’s answer to fat bikes, e-fat bikes, are available for rent along with a map of suggested bike routes. Tour the Biathlon Explorer route, do an out and back to lovely Madely Lake, or take in the views at the Black Tusk Lookout where a picnic shelter invites you to relax.

With so many places to explore in Whistler, how will you decide where to go first? Our guess is you’re up for the challenge. No sweat.