Exchange Company Information

Did you know that you can exchange your week in Whistler for time at other resorts around the world?

There are a variety of Exchange Companies that offer access to domestic and international timeshare vacation properties. Popular destinations include Mexico, Hawaii, Europe and Asia. Click the link below for a list of popular Exchange Companies  amoungst our owners and their offerings.

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NOTE: we have provided this list as a reference and some information may differ – please confirm details directly with the Exchange Company.


You can deposit your week with an Exchange Company by following these easy steps:

  1. Call Whiski Jack to pay the Maintenance Fee for the year you want to exchange (E.g. if you would like to deposit your 2022 week, you will need to pay the 2022 Maintenance Fee)
  2. If you are a Float Week owner, call Whiski Jack to book your dates, pay your fees first
  3. Contact your chosen Exchange Company directly to start the exchange process

The Exchange Company will confirm your ownership and process your booking. This is not an automatic process and may take the Exchange Companies a few days to process. 


If traveling elsewhere isn’t possible, you also have the option to deposit your week in the Whiski Jack Rental Program, and can choose to apply the revenue towards your next Maintenance Fee payment. For more information about the Rental Program, please select the link below or email the Rental Department at

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